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1. Running Your Dream 7-Figure Business By This Time Next Year

2. Mapping Out And Implementing ONE Winning “Everlasting Funnel” To Bring In A Constant Flow of Traffic, Leads, and Sales

3. Weird, Random Outbursts Vaguely Resembling “Whoo” and “Boom”
1. Running Your Dream 7-Figure Business By This Time Next Year

2. Mapping Out And Implementing ONE Winning “Everlasting Funnel” To Bring In A Constant Flow of Traffic, Leads, and Sales

3. Weird, Random Outbursts Vaguely Resembling “Whoo” and “Boom”
What is Tribe of Patients about?
It's about you building a large group of potential patients in your market.
Billy has been serving the chiropractic community since 2007 when he worked as the marketing director for a multi-office practice.  Today, Billy and Brady Sticker have built one of the largest marketing agencies in the chiropractic and functional medicine industry (and managed well over $4 Million in paid ads for local offices).

This is the Best Time in History to Have a Practice!

Marketing is about more than social media.  That being said, we have a huge opportunity to build audiences of raving fans using social media.  In this book, Billy & Brady show you a step-by-step system to take full advantage of the tools you now have available.

How to use Facebook™ Video Ads to grow a tribe of fans, and then turn those fans into patients.

Leads Leads Leads. Marketing agencies love to send you leads, but that doesn’t mean anything if they don’t show up for their appointments. Why is it that a discount offer works great at a screening or a health talk, but in a Facebook™ ad it just produces low-quality leads?

Two Words: Perceived Value.

If I had $1 for every chiropractor who’s told me “I tried Facebook™ ads, but all I got were leads and no new patients”, I’d be a lot richer. In fact, you might be telling yourself the same thing right now.

So, what’s the problem? 

- You had the offer.
- You got leads.
- You texted leads.
- You called the leads.
- You emailed the leads.

You did everything you’re supposed to do and your Facebook™ leads still aren’t scheduling or showing up for appointments – or when they do, they’re just looking for a good deal. Not to start care.

So how do you actually get new patients from Facebook™?

That's what you will learn in Tribe of Patients!

Learn how to build an audience that know, like and trust you and know what you do, why you do it and how you do it!  

By following the process mapped out in this book, you will become the go-to authority in your market!
I honestly believe we have never had a better opportunity to be in practice. Even though I’m not a chiropractor or healthcare practitioner, I’m telling you, there has never been a better time to dominate your local market.
If you don’t have enough clients, it’s because most people in your area don’t know what you do. The solution to this problem is to reach out on social media such as Facebook™, Instagram™, and YouTube™.

Social media marketing has proved to be the most effective way to find your ideal new patients. These are the people who actually show up for services and who want what it is that you do. In this book, you’ll learn how to find your ideal patients who will know you, like you, and trust you. Not only that, but they will also know what you do, how you do it and why you do it.
To put it in perspective, there are millions of people looking at their phones as you read this.  Many want your services and a healthy lifestyle.  The problem is they do not know exactly what you do.  This book gives you the processes... clearly mapped out step-by-step...to get your message in front of your ideal patient!
The formula that you'll discover in this book has taken our team years and millions of dollars in ad spend to perfect.

The curtain has been pulled back to let you see the magic that goes into building authority and generating quality new patients
The best part is you’ll be able to easily and quickly copy and implement these steps to Build Your Own Perfect Patient Tribe Turbine... even if you’ve never built a campaign or recorded a video before.
After building over 1,000 marketing campaigns and funnels, I’m confident there’s a winning campaign for your office, no matter what “niche” you may provide services for.
It’s all clearly mapped out for you, piece-by-piece, so there’s zero confusion about how to model it for your business and see results right away.
The bottom line - even if you’re not a marketing expert, you’ll still be able to build these strategies out in a 10-20 minutes per week... and if you’ve done it before, this should only take you a few hours per month.

The best part is nothing here is based on theory - these are all real, verifiable results we’ve produced for our clients in just the past year. 

The results we have generated for our clients is what has allowed us to create such a successful marketing agency…  and the results have earned us the distinction of  winning "2" ClickFunnel's Two Comma Club Award Winners:
If you run a chiropractic or functional medicine practice and use have a message and service that changes lives, then this will become Your Unfair Advantage.

A proven playbook of marketing campaigns for making it rain over and over again.

We want to ship you our top-performing strategies spelled out in this book.  Armed with these locked-n-loaded marketing campaigns, you can stop guessing and hoping and finally start feeling confident in breaking through your “glass ceiling”.
What's campaigns & niches do these strategies work for?
Here is a list of some of the niches we have used these strategies with...
Campaigns include:
✅ Chiropractic
✅ Decompression
✅ Neuropathy
✅ Knee
✅ Thyroid
✅ Weight Loss
✅ Laser
✅ Reactivations
✅ Google Reviews
✅ Referrals
✅ Stem cell
✅ Seminars
✅ Dinner talks
✅ Fibromyalgia 
✅ Lipo/Contour light
✅ Massage
✅ And More!
Do You Run Dinner Talks?
How would you like to have these results:
* Results may vary
More About These Results...

Remember, this isn’t theory folks... this is all learned from testing and refining these strategies day-in and day-out.  
First, order the book!

I suggest you start by reading this book from start to end. Just read. Don’t take notes or anything.
Then go through the book again and take notes and make a checklist for yourself.
Finally, start with the first chapter and do all the action steps. Then go on to the second chapter and so on.  
The best way to learn is to take action.
What People Are Saying ...
“I just want to tell you first and foremost, Billy is the man when it comes to Facebook. We set up this great foundation through ClickFunnels to where people can get our information, get an opportunity to come in and get their spines checked, but not only that, to follow up with them on emails and information about what we do in the office. Then once we got that good foundation, he showed me how to create amazing content with just my phone. Then putting that content out there into my community and leading them to that page, it educates them more about what we do in those follow-up emails, which are out of this world, it was phenomenal."
Dr. Chase Dyess
"Just the momentum that has come from the work that Billy and his team have done with Facebook has been incredible. The increase has been tremendous, collections are up and so the return on investment has been just phenomenal, and it’s just been an absolute honor and pleasure to work with them. I mean, their team has been very helpful and accommodating with questions that we have, the start-up process has been very seamless, and it’s just been a great thing for us.
So we’ve been, I’ve referred, oh, at least seven or eight of our friends in chiropractic, and I’m going to see a lot more of them this weekend. And the way that I think about it is that if this has been so great for us, I don’t want my friends to miss out, or their families to miss out, on the blessings that have come to us from working with Billy. So that’s about as honest as I can be. And I’m excited for you all to get to know Billy and his team. Thanks, guys.”

The biggest thing Bryan did was help me with that, and really get it online, get it out on Facebook, get it on YouTube, really for the World to see.  That was the biggest challenges I had and he helped me accomplish those things..."
Dr. Dan McClimon
"Billy is great at what he does. He’s a man of integrity. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s been in the trenches. He knows marketing. He’s the best of the best. So I absolutely love Billy Sticker. I highly recommend him. If you’re looking to grow your practice, contact Billy. If you’re contemplating working with him, you will not regret it. He’s a good dude and he knows what he’s talking about.”
Dr. Chad Woolner

They do a great job. We get many people coming into our office weekly and a few people a day. And even if they’re not directly from a ChiroCandy referral, because we track all our referrals in our practice or where people are coming from, it’s triple the number of people that are finding us online or we’re meeting in the community are saying, “Hey, I’ve seen you around.” Because just increasing our presence and our awareness in our community. And then they’re finally pulling that trigger to come into our office and they’re just listening online. So ChiroCandy is awesome. It’s a great resource, great team, and just thank you guys so much.”

Dr. Erik Brower

“Hi, I’m Dr. Marc Nelson with Cadence Chiropractic out of Utah, and I’ve been with ChiroCandy for the last year now, and it’s been fantastic. Since just yesterday, we’ve already pulled in four more leads. We consistently pull new patients, like way more than we’ve ever had before. I’ve worked with other Facebook groups before where we were paying $1,200 a month just for this guy to do the work, plus whatever the ad cost was. ChiroCandy is amazing. They saved us money and made us money. They’re perfect at what they do. It’s just awesome. They helped me with creating video content, everything. It’s just been a fantastic experience. So yeah, I’d recommend ChiroCandy for sure.”

Dr. Marc Nelson 

"I was just telling Billy when he came in, on total surprise notice, that I’ve had several different people run Facebook ads for me. And I literally have no connection monetarily to this guy, and I swear to you, it’s crushing every other thing I’ve tried. It’s doubled what the best guy ... and I swear to you, I’ve probably had five or six people do it. Doubling, not only leads, but people actually walk ... To me, leads are great, but when they actually walk through the door, and they’re not just people that are here for the handout. They literally come in and are genuinely concerned about what’s going on. So, night and day difference compared to everything else we’ve had, so absolutely…Sign up.”

Dr. Josh Caldwell

"I’ve been working with ChiroCandy now for a couple of years. Previous to that, I tried some other Facebook marketing, and wasn’t really good, wasn’t successful. Then I got to work with these guys and working with Billy, and with Brady. They really helped me zero in on the right ads, and really started getting consistent results. And now, I’ve been at it for two years, and we’re still producing leads every month. They’re good quality leads, so it’s made a difference in our practice. So I recommend them highly.”

Dr. Lewis Clark

"I endorse the experience I’ve had with Billy, both from the actual tangible monetary aspect, seeing a great improvement there and the relationship and the aspect of knowing he’s there for me. If I have a question, if I need something, need something changed, he’s always been there for me, and I know that’s not going to change for other chiropractors. If you’re looking to do Facebook ads to generate more leads and new patients coming into your practice, I definitely endorse working with Billy, giving him a try and seeing the results that he will get you. Thanks for all you do as a chiropractor.” 

Dr. Josh Wagner

"It’s been a huge success for our practice. We’ve really enjoyed it. The people that are coming in are good quality patients, they’re excited about care and we’re having a high success of start rate as well. I encourage you, if you’re looking to do some Facebook marketing or internet marketing to get in touch with Billy and talk with him a little bit about what he does and see if it’s a good fit for you because it’s been a great fit for our office. Thank you.”

Dr. Chris Fowler

And I will tell you, before this, we had literally zero traction on social media. Nothing happened, nothing ever came from it, we had no action coming in. And I will tell you, now daily we get little notifications in our inbox of, “Somebody took action, somebody clicked, somebody watched our videos.”
These guys are phenomenal. They’re easy to get in touch with. When I want something done or different or changed, our rep has been amazing. I would highly encourage you to reach out to them. What works for us can work for you. If you want to get this message to your community, this has by far been the most effective and efficient way that we’ve found. So check them out.”

Dr. Daniel Wallis

"If you have not considered ChiroCandy, you should because we started with ChiroCandy two months ago, and over the course of those two months, we have generated over 300 leads and doubled our practice. It has been incredible, I couldn’t tell more people about it. You guys have been a huge blessing. Get on it. Give Billy and Brady a call, they’ll hook you up and they will be a definite asset to your practice. "

Dr. Karl Baune
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